A Leading and Professional Steel Ball Manufacturer

Tan Kong is a  well-reputation and professional manufacturer of steel balls products , which possess most advanced production line such as carbon steel ball, chrome steel ball and stainless steel ball. For our current business, production facilities and process is almost the same from companies to companies, at home and abroad. What the difference is that our company provide full range of products, large capacity with high yield rate and stable quality. To achieve high precision and high manufacturing effectiveness, the company has been making breakthrough on production process and technical skills since we are beginning the business.

Tan Kong grinding media has been a global leading manufacturer of grinding media, burnishing media, such as steel grinding media ball, ceramic grinding media. We are also producing for steel balls, plastic balls,ceramic balls and hollow balls. Hence, we putted a lot of efforts and resources to innovating and developing advanced products and services for satisfying client’s specific requirements. All product qualities are manufactured to meet the standard of American Bearing Manufacturer Association Standard (ABMA Standard, 10-1989 ). Our customers are from every region of worldwide, the companies in U.S., Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, and etc. and they are almost world famous vendors. Moreover, we accepted all kind of requests for custom-made balls of any materials, sizes and tolerances are welcome. If you are interested in our precision balls, please browse our selection of products and find out more detailed product information and also kindly contact us right away.

Tan Kong specializes in precision plastic balls, available in the following grades and materials.

Such as Delrin Balls, Teflon Balls, Polypropylene balls (PP balls), Nylon Balls and Polyacetal balls
With decades on world-class level experiences in manufacture and marketing of plastic ball, we has established strong, cooperative working relationships with our distributors, retailers and agents. If you would like to gain more information about the plastic balls, please feel free to contact us immediately. Our representative will reply you timely.

website: http://www.steelballs-grindingmedia.com/ 

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